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Download for free the chapter "Periodic-graph Approaches in Crystal Structure Prediction" of the book "Modern Methods of Crystal Structure Prediction" (Wiley, 2010)

Download for free the paper on TOPOS V.A. Blatov, A.P. Shevchenko, D.M. Proserpio, Applied topological analysis of crystal structures with the program package ToposPro,Cryst. Growth Des., 2014, 14, 3576-3586

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Do you want to know of the crystal structure more than interatomic distances and angles?

Have you one of the following problems?

-determining sizes and coordination numbers for atoms and molecules

-distinguishing valence/non-valence (including agostic) bonds

-searching for voids and cavities and determining their sizes

-searching for topologically similar crystal structures

-determining types of atomic packings

-analyzing molecular packings and supramolecular ensembles

If 'Yes' TOPOS is your research tool.

TOPOS 3.2/4.0 is a program package for multipurpose geometrical and topological analysis of crystal structures. It works with crystal structure databases and provides calculations of geometrical and topological characteristics of crystal structures in these databases. TOPOS 3.2/4.0 is an integrated interactive shell including database management system (DBMS), which allows one to edit, search and retrieve crystal structure information, and a number of applied programs integrated into DBMS (see Applied Programs).

TOPOS 3.2/4.0 also includes the converter programs from standard crystallographic formats to the TOPOS database format.

Free beta versions and documentation on TOPOS 3.2/4.0 are available.

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